Danny Carbol Candidate 19th Ward Committeeman

Your pro-life, pro-family candidate


To our brothers and sisters in blue and on the CFD, our veterans who

deserve the utmost respect and honor and all the fine citizens of the 19th

Ward. Put a different kind of Republican in your corner, a compassionate


fighter and proud union member who will battle pension theft and will never 

be a "politician."

*I fully support Local #2 and will support only candidates who support 

Collective Bargaining and Police and Firefighters and show the well 

deserved support and respect to our active military service members and our 

veterans. We owe a debt to them that we can never repay. 

I have been blessed, this is an unpaid position that I seek strictly out


of love for the 19th Ward, which I have called home for over 30

years. The 19th Ward, greatest in the city, let's make it better! Ask 

for a Republican ballot even if you never have before and mark 252. I

most respectfully ask for your support in early voting and on March

15th, 2016. God bless!